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Frequently asked questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Which browser should I use to make my grant application?

Below are the different browsers that can be used to complete your application:

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Internet Explorer 9 (or higher)

Can I save my application, leave the application and continue it later?

Yes, you can leave the application, just hit the "Save and Next Page" button first at the base of the page. To continue your incomplete application form, simply refer to the email sent to you labelled 'User Application link' and use your allocated application password to log back in and complete your application form.

Do I need to fill out every field?

No. Only mandatory fields are required, however the more information you enter, the more consideration the Committee will be able to give your application.

Do I need to breakdown the detail of the funding I am requesting?

When completing the area requiring financial information regarding your application, you will be asked to enter that information in to a “table” structure, please ensure that you complete this in full.

You will be required:

  1. To provide all quotes made out to your organisations name for the initiative
  2. Each item must be on a separate line of the table even if multiple items are on one quote. That may require you to have the same quote shown multiple times support each line of your funding request
  3. You must collect the final column which states the amount you are requesting
  4. The total amount of your applicant request must be entered in the box below the table


How do we know that you have received our application?

Upon submitting your application, you will receive an email confirming receipt of your application


What will we have to do if we are successful?

The Fund requires a simple Accountability Report to be completed along with the uploading of verification of expenditure (receipts and a photo/s of your completed initiative.). The Accountability Report, is an online document and a link to this Report is found in your Applicant Dashboard,

  • A link to access your Dashboard and will be sent once you submit your application
  • A guide of the accountability report will be send to you in the submitted email
  • Another link will also be included in the Approved Grant email that you will receive upon the grant being approved.


The Report must be completed and all receipts and a photo must be loaded and returned within 3 months of the initiative being completed.

Do I need to upload additional information?

No, but if you have some relevant information as part of your pitch, which you think would well support your application then it would be advisable to attach it. There is the ability to attach a Word, PowerPoint or image file; please be aware that the maximum file size is 50MBs.

How do we address any unspent amount of a grant?

Any unspent amounts greater than $10 must be returned to the Fund and can’t be applied for any other purpose the funding was granted against.

Why can’t I progress past this stage of my application?

It is most likely because you have not filled in an entry into a mandatory field. Check if there are any highlighted questions. If there are you will need to enter information into the mandatory field.

If you are having a technical system or program issue with making an application, then please click on the support link to lets us know by completing the email support request form.


We will endeavour to respond the same day if your request is filed before 12 noon or the following day if your request is filed after 12 noon. The help desk response will only be available Mondays to Fridays and not on public holidays.


Where abouts are your venue's located? 

To see a full list of our venue's and locations, please click here


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